Web Will Invade Everything

Pretty soon, all new TVs will have smart features and web-connected interfaces. To make sure that owners of 'dumb' TVs don't feel left out, some innovative products have been launched. Case in point is the InAir Smart HDMI Adapter. This tiny adapter plugs in between your set-top box and TV (using the popular HDMI interface). It overlays a display on top of your TV video feed and can show details regarding the content you are watching or you could access your social network feeds on the TV screen. The device can be controlled via a smartphone app. Audi, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Google and Nvidia have  formed the ‘Open Automotive Alliance’ to develop connected cars. Nvidia showcased Tegra powered car infotainment systems and they have been working with Google for tablets and gaming products (Nvidia Shield). Audi demoed Mobile Audi Smart Display — a 10.2-inch Android tablet for in-car use. Hyundai announced that the Genesis will be the first vehicle with Google Glass integration. With major car makers joining tech firms with a common goal, we expect Android in cars to be a big feature of 2014.

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