Big Data Analytics

The process of examining large amounts of data to uncover hidden patterns and unknown correlations. This can provide competitive advantages over rival organisations.

From crafting strategies for cricket teams to helping scientists develop new drugs, Indian entrepreneurs are building specialised companies. These firms can chew through billions of bits of data, analyse them via self-learning  algorithms and package the insights for immediate use. “Big data is becoming hot, because people are using it to predict the future,” says Ravi Gururaj, vice-president for cloud platforms group at Citrix Systems. He said earlier it took at least `5 crore to start a data analytics firm. Now, with so many open source platforms available, an entrepreneur can launch a new venture with just `50 lakh. One such example is Gramener, which converts insights drawn through data analysis into visual graphics. It was a reunion in Bangalore for six friends that led them to quit their jobs and start Gramener in 2010. “We decided to do something on our own and have fun,” says Naveen Gattu, 38, cofounder. In an innovative example of how such technology can be used, Gramener helps poultry company Suguna Foods enhance the longevity for chickens. The firm finds disease patterns, suggests precautions and even makes recommendations about how much sunlight the birds must be exposed to the type of feed. Gramener, which counts telecom firms, car-parts maker Bosch and many IT and engineering companies as its clients, now earns around Rs.1-2 crore per annum.


Seed investment Rs.50lakh


Market Size $48.3 billion by 2018

(Transparency Market Research)


Target customers

Enterprises in Energy, Pharma, Retail, Telecom and government


How long to earn fi rst reveneus

1-2 years for product companies


Top ventures

Bizosys, Gramener,Qubole, Abiba Systems,Salorix, AbsolutData

Earlier one needed at least Rs.5 crore to start big data analytics firm. Now, with open source platforms, an entrepreneur can start with Rs.50 lakh

RAVI GURURAJ Vice-president, Citrix Systems

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