Google, Microsoft spar over search results quality

Google is accusing Microsoft of cheating as the two duel for internet search supremacy, but Microsoft denies the charge, saying it's just using all available weapons to lessen its rival's dominance.

The dust-up between the two companies that process virtually all of North America's search requests grabbed the spotlight Tuesday at an event sponsored by Microsoft about the future of internet searches. Microsoft's practices have even wider implications now that its technology powers Yahoo searches in the US, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and Brazil as part of a 10-year partnership that grew out of the companies' inability to mount a serious challenge to Google on their own. Google's attempt to embarrass Microsoft at an event devoted to innovation served as the latest reminder of the tensions between the technology heavyweights.While Microsoft has been pecking at Google in search, Google has been chipping away at Microsoft's advantage in computar software with its own suit of competing products. "We just want everyone to Know the truth about how Microsoft operates as a search engine, which is by taking the hard work of others and presentingit as their own," said Amitsinghal, a Google fellow who oversees the company's closely guarded search for mulas. He made his comments in a phone interview. Microsoft did nothing more than adjust its results after monitoring Internet Explorer users' search re quests and clicking activity on Google as well as its own site, Bing according to Harry ssum, a corpo rate vice president for Bing._ AP

Taken From " The Economic Times" 04 February 2011

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