India Inc Awaits Desi Domains

Last week, Internet’s naming authority, the Internet Corporation for Assigned  Names and Numbers, completed its initial evaluation for a fi rst set of new domain names, which will vastly expand the internet suffi xes beyond the commonly used .com and .org varieties. Prominent Indian companies, too, have applied for new domain names. Here’s a list :

1. New Custom Website Addresses

SOON INFOSYS, Reliance, Bharti or State Bank may fl aunt new domain names Bharti Group - .airtel & .bharti Dabur India Limited  -  .dabur HDFC  - .hdfc HDFC Bank -   .hdfcbank Infi beam Incorporation -  .ooo Infosys  -  .infosys & .infy Lupin  -  .lupin Reliance Industries -  .indians, .ril & .reliance Tata Group -  .tata & .tatamotors Shriram Capital -  .sriram Star India  -  .star State Bank of India  -  .sbi & .statebank TV Sundaram  -  .tvs

2. How Much They Cost


3. What Ushered in Change

IN JUNE 2011, ICANN  announced plans to open  up the Net to make it  more local and fl exible as organisations often  create & keep websites  using such new domain names for internal use

4. How Many Entities Have Applied?

GLOBALLY, nearly 2,000 applications have been submitted, but only about two dozen have been given fi nal clearance. Indian applications, which have cleared the initial evaluation stage, will be processed by August  


GLOBALLY, THERE HAVE been concerns about corporations trying to corner generic domain names such as .music or .book, as it may stifl e competition and give owners of such domains unique advantage. Amazon, for instance, has applied for .book, .read, and .author, much to the chagrin of other publishers. Similarly, Google has applied for some 100 generic names. Both Google and Amazon have applied for .search and .cloud, and typically the owner of contested domain names would be decided through an auction. Source: Icann (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

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