Top Reasons for Businesses to Go for Android Application Development

Android apps have taken the world of information technology by a storm – these apps are practically everywhere starting from banking and shopping to news, blogging and event management. A whole lot of important operations today are carried out with the help of these apps. For almost every task that can be handled by a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone, there is an android app which is why businesses are hiring android developers in bulk. They can deploy these apps in order to bring their business on the OS platform of mobile devices that are being widely used today.   Andriod_Post   Statistics related to android application development tell a true and interesting story. The number of applications launched by Google is above 700,000. The popularity of Apple is mainly due to free apps constituting about 67% of the total of number of its apps on Google Play and not the paid ones which constitute about 32% of the same. Today more than 75 percent of the smartphones purchased by users have Android OS. About 1.3 million such devices are activated on a daily basis. In the current global market of tablets and smartphones, about 600 types of devices are powered by Android. The above mentioned data explains the significance of Android in the digital world that we all live in today. Here are some valid reasons for businesses to deploy android apps:   Android Apps Can Be Customized Customization is by far the greatest aspect of a mobile app – fortunately you can find this characteristic in android apps. People using these apps can customize them beyond the traditional limits. Deploying such apps allows companies to add a brand to their businesses. Also, this helps to improve user experience by making the applications more interactive.   A Multitude of Excellent Features in Android Apps Choosing android application development for bringing your business on the platform of mobile devices gives you the opportunity to deploy feature-rich apps. While using an app for the first time, every user expects it to have a multitude of amazing features each of which can serve a different purpose. Features incorporated in Android apps mostly include task managers, email receiver and sender, and calendar.

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