Website surfing by 7 crored people

71 million and counting : More and more Indians hit the e-highway NEW DELHI: About 71 million Indians ‘claim’ to have used the internet in 2009, a study by Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) and marketing research firm IMRB on Monday said. In a joint report titled ‘Internet in India’, IAMAI and IMRB said the number of people who ‘claimed’ to have used internet in 2009 stood at 71 million. ‘Claimed users’ — those who said they had used the internet in some form, say, for checking results online, during the year — is an important category for understanding future trends in active user base, the study added. However, the number of active internet users rose to 52 million in September 2009 from 42 million in September 2008, registering a year on year-on-year growth of 19%. Active users are those who access the Internet at least once in a month. “This surge in number has been primarily due to the increased numbers of the users in the remote urban pockets (small metros and towns) and among lower socioeconomic classes (SEC C, D and E),” it said.

Source : " The Economic Times" 06 April 2010

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